Ashburn House Fire Caused by Improper Ash Disposal

Ashburn, VA – The Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Fire Marshal’s Office (LCFR-FMO) has concluded that Monday’s house fire in Ashburn’s Janneys Corner Court neighborhood was the result of improperly discarded fireplace ashes. This incident, occurring on December 25, 2023, serves as a stark reminder of the hazards associated with fireplace use during the winter season.

At approximately 3:54 p.m., emergency services were alerted to the fire at a residence in the 43000 block of Janneys Corner Court. Responding units from Moorefield, Brambleton, Ashburn, Dulles South, and Kincora, along with command staff, rushed to the scene. The firefighters encountered a blaze in the attached garage of a two-story, single-family home.

Efficient firefighting efforts focused on the garage area, where the fire was contained through exterior access. A Rapid Intervention Task Force was also dispatched as a precaution. The closed interior door to the living area played a crucial role in limiting the fire’s spread within the house, preventing further damage.

LCFR-FMO’s investigation revealed that the fire was accidental, triggered by fireplace ashes placed in a combustible container. The estimated damages are significant, with approximately $40,000 to the structure and $10,000 to the contents of the home. Fortunately, no occupants were displaced, and there were no injuries reported among civilians or firefighters.

This incident highlights the importance of safe ash disposal practices, especially during colder months when fireplaces are in frequent use. Residents are reminded to ensure ashes are completely extinguished and placed in a non-combustible container, away from any flammable materials.


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