County to Collect Fees for EV Charging Sessions at Metrorail Parking Garages

Loudoun County will soon begin collecting fees for the use of electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations at the two county-owned and operated Metrorail parking garages: the Ashburn South and Loudoun Gateway garages. The service has been free since the garages opened in 2022.

Beginning February 19, 2024, the county will charge $2.10 per session. A session begins when the vehicle is plugged into the EV charging station and ends when the plug is removed or the charging process is complete. Payment can only be made at the charging station through a mobile app, which is connected to a credit or debit card.

Fee collection will enable the county to recover the ongoing costs of operating the 68 EV charging stations at the two Metrorail garages, including maintenance costs for software, hardware, labor and electricity.

Loudoun County also offers EV charging stations at its Harmony Park and Ride lot, located at 39464 East Colonial Highway, just east of Hamilton. Fees for EV charging at the Harmony location were previously established in 2011 at $1.44 per session. On February 19, the fee at Harmony will increase to $2.10 per session to align with the fees at the Metrorail stations and to cover current electricity costs.

A map of the locations of the county’s EV charging stations and information about plans to increase the number of county-operated charging stations can be found in the Environment & Energy section of the Loudoun GeoHub.

More information about Loudoun County’s environmental initiatives may be found at

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