Decades of Dedicated Service: Loudoun County Honors Treasurer H. Roger Zurn Jr. at Retirement

Loudoun County’s long-serving treasurer, H. Roger Zurn Jr., is set to retire at the end of this year after a distinguished career spanning over three decades in public service. The Board of Supervisors honored Zurn’s remarkable tenure during their meeting on December 5, acknowledging his contributions that have been instrumental in securing a triple-A bond rating for the county. This prestigious rating has enabled Loudoun County to obtain optimal interest rates for funding vital capital projects, ultimately saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Zurn’s journey in county government began back in 1990 when he won a special election for the Sterling District seat on the Board of Supervisors. He was reelected in 1991 and played a pivotal role during his time on the Board, notably as the chairman of the Finance and Internal Operations Committee. He was the architect of the Zurn Initiative, a strategic approach to analyzing the county’s growth costs and its impact on capital infrastructure. The principles laid out in this initiative continue to shape the county’s growth in a fiscally responsible manner.

In 1995, with a background in banking and finance, Zurn decided to run for the county treasurer’s office, a position he has been reelected to six times since. Under his leadership, the Treasurer’s Office has seen remarkable achievements including maintaining clean audits for 28 years, managing over $1 billion without any loss of taxpayers’ money even during three recessions, and implementing a successful billing and collection system for incorporated towns—a unique feat in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A significant reform during his tenure was the change in the tax collection process, necessitating an amendment to state law aimed at centralizing the tax system for both the county and its towns. This change was part of a broader effort to enhance efficiency, economy, and customer service for taxpayers. Zurn also introduced technological advancements, enabling taxpayers to receive electronic bills and make online tax payments.

Reflecting on his tenure, Zurn emphasized the collaborative nature of his achievements, attributing much of the success to his dedicated staff. He expressed his commitment to making Loudoun a better place, a goal he believes was a collective effort.

Henry Eickelberg, elected in November 2023, is set to take over the reins from Zurn on January 1, 2024, marking a new chapter for the Loudoun County Treasurer’s Office.


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