Drought Concerns Intensify In Purcellville

PURCELLVILLE, Va., Nov 1, 2023 — Local authorities in Purcellville have escalated the town’s drought status from a watch to a warning due to ongoing dry conditions in the area.

Purcellville residents are being commended for their diligent efforts in water conservation during this difficult period. The active involvement of the community in limiting water use has been, and continues to be, instrumental in managing the challenging circumstances of the severe drought.

Data from the U.S. Drought Monitor indicates that Purcellville is experiencing a severe drought, with the town’s reservoir, which usually provides approximately half of the daily water supply, reporting below-normal water levels.

The Water Emergency Ordinance in Purcellville consists of three phases: Watch, Warning, and Emergency. Town officials have been meticulously keeping track of the water levels in both the reservoir and groundwater wells while optimizing the usage of all accessible water sources.

To further combat the drought, residents and businesses are urged to continue their water-saving practices, which include:

  • Minimizing or ceasing non-essential washing activities, such as car, home, driveway, and sidewalk cleaning;
  • Cutting down or halting lawn and landscape irrigation;
  • Restricting the watering of bushes and plants;
  • Serving water at restaurants and food establishments only upon request;
  • Minimizing other non-essential water consumption as much as possible.

The town is closely monitoring the drought situation and any forthcoming rain predictions. Public cooperation is essential in ensuring judicious water use during these dry conditions. Local authorities are encouraging everyone to persist with these conservation efforts to prevent the need for more stringent mandatory measures.

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