DryHome’s Holiday Roof Gift Eases Burden for Disabled Sterling Resident

In a heartwarming act of community support, DryHome Roofing gifted a new roof to Asma Messaoudi, a disabled single mother of four residing in Sterling, Virginia. This generous gesture was part of DryHome’s 21st annual Free Roof for the Holidays program and took place on December 13.

Messaoudi, who moved to the U.S. in 2006, acquired her first home in 2016 through the affordable Homeownership Program with Loudoun Habitat for Humanity. However, this fall, she faced the challenge of needing a roof replacement by mid-December to maintain her insurance coverage. Recognizing her situation, Loudoun Habitat for Humanity nominated her for DryHome’s program, which provided not only a solution to her immediate roofing needs but also eased the financial strain, allowing for other critical home repairs related to accessibility.

DryHome CEO Steve Gotschi expressed his satisfaction in aiding Messaoudi, highlighting the importance of the roof in ensuring her family’s safety and allowing her to focus on her family and personal health needs.

DryHome, based in Sterling, has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community. Throughout November, they accepted nominations to identify individuals or nonprofits in Northern Virginia who were in dire need of roofing assistance. Messaoudi’s selection was based on her specific circumstances and the condition of her home.

The company’s impact over the years is significant, with a variety of recipients, including individuals facing health challenges, veterans, and local nonprofits. Last year, Pathway Homes in Fairfax, a nonprofit serving adults with mental health issues, was a recipient of a new roof. This year’s gift to Messaoudi adds to the over $200,000 worth of roofs donated since the program’s inception.

DryHome Roofing and Siding, serving Northern Virginia for over 35 years, views the Free Roof for the Holidays program as a way to give back to the community and thank its customers.

For more information about DryHome and its services, visit dryhome.com. Details about Loudoun Habitat for Humanity and its initiatives can be found at loudounhabitat.org.

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