Empowering Community Growth: Loudoun County’s CDBG Grant Program

In an ongoing commitment to improve the quality of life for its residents, Loudoun County has introduced the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. This initiative offers a valuable funding opportunity for eligible nonprofit organizations and government entities within the county. The primary goal of the CDBG program is to support projects that directly benefit low-and moderate-income residents, addressing various community needs from housing to economic development.

About the CDBG Program in Loudoun County

The CDBG program is part of a national initiative, administered annually to encourage community-focused projects. It is particularly aimed at services that are either newly introduced or represent a significant improvement in existing services. The program aligns with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s objectives to primarily aid those with low- to moderate incomes.

Eligibility and Project Requirements

Eligible applicants include government entities within Loudoun County and its incorporated towns, as well as nonprofit organizations with a considerable Loudoun resident service base. The organizations should have a tangible presence in the county or nearby areas, with a minimum operational history of two years.

The projects or activities funded through this grant must occur within Loudoun County and cater to its residents. They should address one or more priority needs outlined in Loudoun County’s Draft 2021-2025 Five-Year Consolidated Plan, encompassing housing, homelessness, community, and economic development strategies.

Benefits of the CDBG Program

The CDBG program stands as a testament to Loudoun County’s dedication to fostering community development and addressing the essential needs of its residents. By providing financial support, the program enables local entities to implement projects that might otherwise be unfeasible, thereby directly contributing to the welfare and enhancement of community services in Loudoun County.

Learn More and Apply

For those interested in learning more about the CDBG program or considering an application, Loudoun County provides comprehensive resources and guidance online. Detailed information about the program, application requirements, and the process is accessible at loudoun.gov/cdbg. This site serves as a central hub for all relevant information, making it easier for potential applicants to understand and engage with the program effectively.


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