Leesburg’s Own David O. Stewart to Unveil Insights on “The Burning Land” at Thomas Balch Library

LEESBURG, VA – In a much-anticipated event, rescheduled from its original spring 2023 date, Leesburg’s literary community is buzzing with excitement. Esteemed local author David O. Stewart is set to grace the Thomas Balch Library with an engaging discussion about his latest work, “The Burning Land.” The event, promising to draw both book enthusiasts and history buffs alike, is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 22.

“The Burning Land” is not just any book; it marks the gripping continuation of Stewart’s Overstreet Saga. This second installment escorts readers through the tumultuous journey of Henry Overstreet, a dedicated member of the Twentieth Maine Regiment, vividly recounting his experiences from Fredericksburg to Gettysburg and through the harrowing battles of 1864.

However, it isn’t solely the theatrics of war that captures the essence of this narrative. The novel paints a poignant picture of Overstreet’s personal life, focusing on his marriage to Katie Nash of Maine. The ceremony, taking place on an optimistic Fourth of July in 1864 during a brief two-week leave, preludes the profound upheavals their lives are to undergo. As they navigate the heartbreaks of the Civil War and their subsequent odyssey westward to Chicago, both Henry and Katie confront unimaginable trials and losses.

This exclusive event at the Thomas Balch Library provides attendees not only the chance to delve into the emotional and historical depths of “The Burning Land” but also an opportunity to interact firsthand with Stewart, gaining insights into his creative process and historical research. Those eager to hold a piece of this narrative tapestry in their hands will have the opportunity to purchase their copies at the event.

Given the high interest in Stewart’s works and the intimate setting, prospective attendees should secure their spots at this literary highlight by pre-registering. To confirm attendance, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out via phone at 703-737-7195, email at balchlib@leesburgva.gov, or through an easy online registration process.

This gathering stands as not just a book discussion but a celebration of local talent and historical reflection, reinforcing Leesburg’s commitment to cultural enrichment and community engagement.

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