Local Residents Face Proposed Toll Hikes on Dulles Greenway; Public Input Sought

In a move that could significantly impact daily commuters, the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) is considering a request for increased toll rates on the Dulles Greenway. The proposal, submitted by Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II), seeks to raise peak-hour tolls from $5.80 to $8.10 and off-peak tolls from $5.25 to $6.40.

This decision, encapsulated in Case # PUR-2023-00089, is drawing attention and concern from Loudoun County residents and officials. The proposed rates represent a substantial increase—40% during peak hours and 22% off-peak—raising questions about the affordability and accessibility of this key transportation route.

Loudoun County has been vocal in opposing these increases, arguing that they would further deter use of the Greenway, which has already seen a decline in traffic post-COVID-19. Officials are advocating for a distance-based tolling system coupled with lower rates, aligning with a 2021 Virginia law that demands tolls be reasonable and not discourage road use.

The SCC is providing a platform for public input on this critical issue. Residents can submit written comments until January 24, 2024, either online through the SCC’s website or by mail. It’s vital that comments reference the case number PUR-2023-00089 for proper consideration.

Additionally, public hearings are scheduled, offering another avenue for resident participation. The first, focusing on public witness testimony, will occur at 10:00 a.m. on January 30, 2024, at 1300 East Main Street, Richmond. Witnesses must pre-register by January 24 and will have five minutes to speak. A separate evidentiary hearing on January 31 will not include public testimony but is open for attendance and will be webcasted.

This issue strikes at the heart of the community’s access to affordable transportation. With Loudoun County’s history of opposing automatic toll increases and license extensions for the Greenway operator, the outcome of these hearings and public comments could shape the future of transportation and living costs in the area. Residents are encouraged to engage in this process and make their voices heard, ensuring that any toll adjustments are fair and in the best interest of those who use the Dulles Greenway regularly.

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