Loudoun County at the Heart of the Data Center Industry’s Economic Surge

Loudoun County, VA: A recent report by PwC, commissioned by the Data Center Coalition (DCC), has shed light on the significant impact of the U.S. data center industry on the national economy from 2017 to 2021. The industry, a pivotal catalyst for economic growth, contributed a remarkable $2.1 trillion to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through direct, indirect, and induced effects over these five years. This contribution is particularly relevant for Loudoun County, a key player in the data center landscape.

The study titled “Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of Data Centers in the United States” highlights a 17 percent growth in direct employment in the data center industry from 2017 to 2021. This figure is notably higher than the overall U.S. employment growth, which stood at just two percent in the same timeframe. The data center industry’s tax contributions to federal, state, and local governments amounted to an impressive $403.5 billion from 2017 to 2021, marking a substantial increase in government revenues.

Allison Gilmore, Vice President of DCC and leader of the organization’s research initiatives, emphasized the growing demand for digital services across various sectors, including telehealth, e-commerce, and education. This demand surge has propelled rapid growth in the data center industry, underlining its role as essential infrastructure in our increasingly digital world.

In Loudoun County, the impact of this industry is particularly notable. Data centers have become integral to the county’s economic landscape, driving job creation and contributing to local and state revenues. The industry’s commitment to sustainability is also evident, with many data centers actively investing in clean energy solutions, thereby accelerating the transition to sustainable power.

The PwC report offers a comprehensive analysis of the economic, environmental, and social contributions of the U.S. data center industry, focusing on national trends and specific states like Arizona, Ohio, and Virginia – the latter being crucial due to its significant data center market.

As a Loudoun County native, the significance of these findings is twofold. They underscore the county’s role in shaping the national digital infrastructure and highlight the need for balanced growth, ensuring that the economic benefits of this booming industry are harmonized with the preservation of our rural spaces and community values.

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