Loudoun County Calls for Nominations to New Heritage Register Program




In a move that speaks to the heart of preserving Loudoun County’s rich historical tapestry, the county has initiated the Heritage Register Program. This program, a brainchild of the Loudoun County Heritage Commission and managed by the Department of Planning and Zoning, is set to recognize important heritage resources unique to our county. It’s an opportunity to celebrate parts of our local history that might not qualify for state or national registers, yet hold immense value in our community’s narrative.

Unveiling Loudoun’s Hidden Gems: Heritage Register Program Seeks Local Landmarks

The Loudoun County Heritage Register program (LCHR) aims to bring to the forefront the diverse and significant heritage sites scattered across our county. From the old farmsteads and schools to the less conspicuous but equally important geological formations and cultural landscapes, LCHR seeks to cover them all. This initiative is more than a commemoration; it’s an educational venture designed to elevate community understanding and appreciation of our local history, potentially driving economic growth through heritage tourism.

A Call to Preserve: Loudoun’s Heritage Program Welcomes Community Participation

To be listed in the LCHR, a property must be over 50 years old and meet criteria showcasing its relevance to Loudoun’s natural, historical, and cultural landscape. It’s important to emphasize that this listing is voluntary and honorary, ensuring that property owners retain their rights without any implications on land use or public access. Nominations are accepted continuously and are reviewed thoroughly, reflecting our collective commitment to preserving the county’s heritage.

For anyone keen on contributing to this noble cause, whether by nominating a site or simply learning more about our county’s history, the Loudoun County website offers comprehensive information at loudoun.gov/heritageregister.

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