Loudoun County Faces Crucial Toll Rate Decision

As a native and lifelong resident of Loudoun County, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges and changes brought on by rapid growth and development in our area. The latest issue at the forefront for Loudoun County residents and officials is the proposed rate hike for the Dulles Greenway. Loudoun County officials are urging community members and businesses to voice their opinions on this significant matter.

Public Hearing Scheduled for Greenway Toll Increase Proposal

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. at Freedom High School in South Riding. This hearing is a crucial opportunity for our community to express their views on the proposed toll increases on the Dulles Greenway, a topic that affects many of us daily.

Details of the Proposed Toll Increase

Toll Road Investors Partnership II, LP (TRIP II), the owner of the Greenway, has submitted a request to the SCC (Case # PUR-2023-00089) for a significant toll increase. If approved, peak-hour tolls would rise from $5.80 to $8.10, and off-peak tolls from $5.25 to $6.40. As the body responsible for overseeing such requests, the SCC’s decision will impact thousands of commuters in our county.

Loudoun County’s Official Opposition to the Toll Hike

In September 2023, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors unanimously decided to oppose this increase. By filing a “notice of participation” with the SCC, the county ensures access to all pertinent information and the ability to provide independent testimony and analysis. This move reflects the county’s commitment to protecting its residents from excessive financial burdens.

How Residents Can Participate and Comment

The SCC is inviting public commentary at the January 9 hearing. Those wishing to speak should arrive by 5:45 p.m. to register, with each speaker allotted five minutes. Additionally, written comments can be submitted online through January 24, 2024, via the SCC’s website.

This issue is more than just about tolls; it’s about the character and future of Loudoun County. As we navigate the complexities of growth and development, our voices must be heard in decisions that directly impact our daily lives.

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