Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Exhumes 1973 Cold Case Victim in Bid for Justice


Loudoun County, VA (November 2, 2023) – The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) recently exhumed the body of an unidentified woman, Jane Doe, murdered in 1973, in a renewed effort to solve the cold case. The LCSO’s Cold Case Unit, founded in 2012, aims to bring justice to victims and their families, regardless of the time passed.

Jane Doe, a Black woman aged 20-25, was found shot near Foundry and Taylor Roads in Purcellville. On October 19, 2023, her remains were exhumed from Mount Olive Baptist Church Cemetery and transported for DNA analysis to potentially identify her and gather more information about the case.

During the exhumation, community leaders including Pastor Michelle Thomas, founder of Loudoun Freedom Center, and NAACP Loudoun Branch president, and long-term residents participated. Thomas emphasized the significance of DNA advancements and community policing in delivering justice.

Sheriff Mike Chapman reiterated LCSO’s commitment to solving cold cases, stating modern techniques and determined investigators are crucial. Before the exhumation, Ground Penetrating Radar aided in locating the remains, which will eventually be reburied with a proper headstone.

The LCSO urges anyone with information to contact Detectives Mark Bush or Jorge Garcia at 703-777-1021.

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