Loudoun County’s Latest Fire Station Promises Faster Response Times In Aldie

In a significant move for community safety, Loudoun County embarked on a new chapter for its emergency services on Thursday, November 16, 2023. Key officials from the county’s Fire and Rescue System, Government, Department of Transportation and Capitol Infrastructure, and the Board of Supervisors gathered to mark the beginning of construction for a new fire and rescue station. This development promises to enhance the services provided to Aldie residents and those along the Route 50 corridor.

The project involves constructing a 23,000-square-foot facility to replace the current Aldie Fire and Rescue Station. This modern structure is designed to be more accessible and equipped with a range of essential amenities for the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue personnel and Aldie Volunteer Fire Department. The station will feature apparatus bays, bunkrooms, a training room, a break room, restrooms with showers, dining and food preparation areas, and specialized spaces for laundry, decontamination, storage, drying gear, a breathing apparatus room, fitness area, offices, and a repair shop. The new building’s design includes advanced technology for better occupational cancer protection for the fire and rescue team.

System Chief Keith Johnson emphasized the critical nature of rapid response in emergencies like fires and cardiac arrests. He pointed out that the strategic location of the new station will significantly improve response times, thereby safeguarding the Aldie community and its surroundings.

Residents interested in the progress of the Aldie Fire and Rescue Station project can stay informed by visiting the DTCI project webpage. More details about the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System can be found at loudoun.gov/fire.

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