New Opportunities for Loudoun Residents in Water Conservation and Quality Improvement

Loudoun County, in collaboration with the Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District (LSWCD), is initiating a grant program aimed at homeowners interested in undertaking water quality improvement projects in their properties or neighborhoods. An informational meeting about the grant application process is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. at Rust Library in Leesburg.

Experts from the county’s Stormwater Management Program, LSWCD, and the Virginia State Department of Forestry will provide insights into the grant process for several eligible projects. These projects include tree planting in riparian and upland areas, installation and maintenance of pet waste stations, and livestock exclusion fencing. Each of these initiatives plays a critical role in preserving and enhancing the local ecosystem by addressing issues like sedimentation, nutrient runoff, and habitat degradation.

Tree planting projects, eligible for funding, focus on utilizing native species to improve habitat and reduce maintenance costs, while pet waste stations aim to mitigate the impact of animal waste on stormwater systems. Livestock exclusion fencing is another targeted project, especially beneficial for smaller farms not covered by state cost-share programs.

The meeting will also shed light on the Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP), which addresses erosion and runoff through innovative solutions like rain gardens and conservation landscaping. This program is part of a broader effort to promote environmental stewardship in the county.

All private residential, industrial, commercial entities, and homeowner associations in Loudoun County are encouraged to apply for these funds. This initiative is part of the ongoing collaboration between Loudoun County and LSWCD to enhance local water quality, with this year’s effort bolstered by additional grant funding and the introduction of pet waste stations as a new project category.

These efforts align with the Environment and Energy Work Plan approved by the Board of Supervisors, underscoring Loudoun County’s commitment to environmental sustainability and watershed conservation.

For further details on the county’s environmental initiatives, residents can visit

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