Purcellville Police Survey Reveals High Community Confidence, Calls for Increased Visibility

In a bid to gauge public opinion on law enforcement services, the Purcellville Police Department (PPD) conducted a comprehensive survey among residents and business owners. This initiative, spanning from November 9, 2023, to December 15, 2023, aimed to assess the community’s sense of safety and the department’s effectiveness.

Survey Outreach and Participation The survey, available online and promoted through various channels, saw 132 participants, representing 1.32% of Purcellville’s estimated population. Efforts to involve the community included notices in the “Purcellville Post,” QR codes distributed by officers, and mentions at local events like the police station’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the Town Holiday Parade.

Key Findings: Community’s Perspective The results revealed a largely positive view of the PPD, with 85.60% expressing approval of the department’s performance. Safety in the community and business areas was also highly rated, with over 92% of respondents feeling secure. Confidence in police officers stood strong, and a notable 81.06% believed in the department’s impartial treatment of all individuals.

Issues such as traffic-related concerns, theft, and drugs were identified as primary safety concerns. While many had positive or neutral views, suggestions for improvement included enhanced traffic management and increased police visibility.

Business Community Feedback A smaller proportion (27.27%) of respondents represented the business community, emphasizing the need for increased officer visibility and security evaluations. Although a majority hadn’t contacted the PPD for business-related issues, there was a call for more officer foot patrols in business areas.

Conclusion and Future Directions The PPD is commended for its efforts in maintaining safety and security in Purcellville. However, the survey underscores the need for increased police presence and visibility, better traffic management, and enhanced community outreach. The department plans to use these insights for future training and initiatives, aiming to foster stronger community relations.

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