Purcellville Residents Face Multiple Charges Following Burglaries in Leesburg

In a string of incidents in Leesburg, two residents of Purcellville, Samuel Jenkins III and Abigail Laura, find themselves facing serious charges. Jenkins, 46, is charged with burglary and public intoxication, while Laura, 38, faces a litany of charges including two counts of burglary, larceny, destruction of property, and drug possession.

The saga began on January 18, 2024, when Leesburg Police responded to a burglary report at a business on North King Street. It was reported that in the early hours of the morning, a male and female duo had entered the closed establishment, resulting in the theft of property. Jenkins and Laura were identified as the suspects in this incident, leading to their subsequent charges.

Just over a week later, on January 26, another burglary was reported, this time on North Street NW. Here, a female was said to have entered another closed business, committing theft. The police investigation pointed again to Laura, adding to her charges.

The situation escalated that same evening when a Leesburg Police Officer, conducting a welfare check on East Market Street, encountered Jenkins, who appeared unsteady on his feet, and Laura. Jenkins was arrested for public intoxication and on an outstanding warrant, while Laura faced arrest due to multiple outstanding warrants.

Both Jenkins and Laura were transported to the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, where they are currently held without bond.

These incidents raise concerns about the safety and security of local businesses in Leesburg, reflecting a need for heightened vigilance. The Leesburg Police Department urges anyone with information on either burglary to contact them at 703-771-4500. As the community grapples with these events, the emphasis on local cooperation and awareness becomes ever more crucial.

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